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Mission / Values / Goals


The Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) mission is to support public media by promoting accountability and integrity in CPB's operations and initiatives


  • Integrity — Our work is fair, balanced and credible.
  • Excellence — We produce high quality work and follow ethical and professional standards.
  • Collaboration — We seek and value input from each other and stakeholders.
  • Adaptability - We embrace continuous improvement, knowledge, and flexibility to conduct effective oversight.
  • Independence - We exercise our professional judgment without undue influence from Congress, CPB, or the public.


  • Provide value-added and timely support to CPB initiatives and operations through independent oversight, including audits, evaluations, reviews, and investigations.
  • Promote effective working relationships with Congress, the CPB Board of Directors (Board), management, and stakeholders and increase the visibility of OIG in the public media community.
  • Promote innovation and leverage technology to expand OIG operations and improve transparency.
  • Promote excellence and a healthy work environment.